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Custom Trainer Art Work
Full Color Trainer Art
This trainer art is stylized in the Ken Suigimori art style. You have the option of adding pokemon to this drawing (no more than 6).
Custom Trainer Art
A gray scale coloring of your custom trainer in the Ken Sugimori Art Style. No more than 6 pokemon within this picture.
Trainer Sketch
A sketch of your custom trainer. Basic outline with no coloring. Stylized in Ken Suigmori Art Style.
No pokemon in this picture.
At the start of the Game, in the Novoh Region, the Professor will explain to you about Pokémon as usual.
Professor Hawthorne will then have you work for her as an assistant, which will require you to fill out a registration Trainer Card. Asking for Gender and Name and "describing" your appearance won't be weird anymore. You'll be able to select your height, weight, eyes, hair, and age.
It will then ask for references: Your Mom's name, Dad's Name, and Sibling's Name (brother).

The game will then take place a couple months later....

The story will explain that there has been a steady amount of violence throughout the Novoh region, which worries Professor Hawthorne. She is studying pokémon seasonal habits and so on. Suddenly there is a commotion outside. People of her town explain something about a war. The professor puts on the TV and learns that a war has broken out. In fear, she requests you and her other assistants to go and capture all the pokémon in the Novoh region. She wants to preserve the Pokémon. Professor Hawthorne then gives you your first Pokédex to keep track and your starter pokémon.

She goes off to call your parents about her request while you prepare for your adventure. After speaking with other assistants, getting some pokéballs, clothes, and potions. The professor explains that she couldn't contact anyone at your home. She has been calling the entire time and fears the worst. She tells you to head home (naturally).

You find out that there are soldiers there forcing trainers to join their ranks. They see you and begin a battle. You'll be faced with 3 matches (each soldier has an elemental type) and in between matches your younger brother heals you. He also battles, but eventually loses.
A fourth soldier battles you. After your match, you notice your brother is missing. Without pokemon to defend himself, the soldiers have kidnapped him. Eventually all the soldiers leave your home town. You head home and your parents enter right after. They learn what happens from. All pokemon are healed and everyone heads out in search of your brother.

The game's story is about 3 leaders/forces against each other.
  • Mel is one of the leaders and she is a lawyer/politician. She believes it's the duty of the leader to enforce laws and standards to protect the people.
  • Bal is another leader, a soldier. He believes that the wellbeing of people is important. If the people are supported, the leader will get the support from his people.
  • Casper is the third leader, a Priest. He is about tradition and having his people create the laws. It's the leader's duty to enforce the standards created by people.

At the end of the game, you return home. But it appears depressing... so you set out to reconstruct your home town! This is post game fun begins:

Parent's Home (Clinic/Restaurant)
Guest House
Berry Garden/Greenhouse
Pokémon Battle Tower
Game Corner
Pokémon Trainer Institution
Pokémon Novoh Fair
Exchange Market
Restaurar Hotel
Friend Safari Pro

These are buildings you'll have to construct in your home town. I'll explain what each does, but each one can be individually upgraded. You can use the Pokédollars, Battle Points (BP), Streetpass support, and sometimes berries. Now to go into more detail of each construction:

Parent's Home
Construction Level 1: Your mother is the one who heals your pokemon. Your room is upstairs.
Construction Level 2: Your father returns and opens a Clinic, your mother sells vending machine drinks.
Construction Level 3: More clinic equipment. The Pokémon Masseuse works here as well. Egg Hatcher works here as well. Your mother has opened a PokéCafé. She sells MooMoo Milks and Lava Cookies.
Construction Level 4: The Masseuse becomes the Pokémon Therapist, significantly raising the affection of your pokemon. The Egg Hatcher now has a room that can hold 9 Pokémon Eggs. This acts as an extension of your Party pokémon, where each step counts towards hatching (not influenced by pokémon abilities).
Your Mother has opened a restaurant. She sells all outside region foods, MooMoo Milk, *Chocolate MooMoo Milk (C.Moo Milk), and "O-Power effect" drinks that last until Midnight (lvl1). Trainers gather to battle. At first, weak trainers.
Construction Level 5: Clinic can conduct vaccinations. Your father can infect your pokémon with Pokérus. The Therapist can take one of your Pokémon (for 24hrs) and that Pokémons affection will be maxed out, the remaining hours she uses as a break. But the following day she will work again. Egg Hatcher's room is constantly under the "Flame Body/Fire Armor" effect for hatching eggs.
Mother's restaurant is now named "The Nest"
She now sells 3 Packs of berries (10 in each pack). But once they're sold, she's out.
"O-Power" Drinks are now at lvl3 Effect.
Trainers that appear are stronger with gym leaders making appearances.
*Chocolate MooMoo Milk is a special drink that non-evolved pokemon love. it helps with affection and heals all of their HP. This item heals evolved Pokémon HP by 60%, but puts them to sleep.

Guest House 
Construction Level 1: Unlocks at Parent's Home lvl3. You get a guesthouse where you can decorate with your own furnishings. There are two more rooms but remain locked. These rooms are locked until you register your friends to each room. These room will sync over wifi/online and will house a ghost of your friend with the pokemon he or she has registered to battle along with how they've decorated their guesthouse (or standard "upstairs room" appearance).
Construction Level 2: Medium sized room
Construction Level 3: Large sized room

Berry Field
Construction Level 1: You have a plot of land that has 5 patches for you to grow berries.
Construction Level 2: 12 patches once you grow enough berries. The land becomes more nourishable.
Construction Level 3: 36 patches to grow berries
Construction Level 4: Greenhouse (pay Pokédollars), your berries are protected from the seasons. Divided into 4 rooms for each season for berry that favors the season. Each room can grow 12 berries at one time.
Construction Level 5: You can now pay workers to maintain your berries without fear of forgetting to water. They collect your berries where you can gather them at a convenient time.

Pokémon Trainer Institution
Construction Level 1: Pokémon Class 101. You relearn the basics of the battle mechanics... if you choose to.
Goes through Types and Weaknesses, Physical Damage, Special Damage, Special Conditions (part1). Each lesson has a battle (rental pokemon) that demonstrate scenarios that you'll have to win to pass.
Construction Level 2: Pokémon Class 201. Pokémon Abilities, double battle, weather conditions, status conditions (part2). Each lesson has a battle (rental pokemon) that demonstrate scenarios that you'll have to win to pass.
Construction Level 3: Triple, Rotation, Double battles, how EVs and Pedigrees influence battle, clever battle tactics, and hidden abilities.
The Battle Test comes unlocked after all the lessons. You earn BP similar to Pokémon X and Y.

Pokémon Battle Tower
Construction Level 1: The Battle Chateau. You can still earn a title. BP is awarded after once you leave. BP is multiplied by your title when you leave this room.
Construction Level 2: The Battle Maison. Works like it does in Pokémon X and Y.
Construction Level 3: Pokémon World Tournament. Functions similar to Pokémon White2 and Black2.

Game Corner
Construction Level 1: Slot Machines from Pokémon Red and Blue (v.RB)
Construction Level 2: Slot Machines from Pokémon Gold and Silver (v.GS), High/Low Card Game.
Construction Level 3: A room dedicated to Slot Machines: Novoh Pro Slots+v.RB+v.GS, High/Low Card Game; Beat the Dealer Card Game, and Roulette.
You use BP in the Game Corner. Prizes are Pokémon that change each week. Some are Pokémon with high Pedigrees, some may have hidden abilities, or you might see a shiny Pokémon as a prize!!
The Lucky Lotto is available here too.
Pokémon Novoh Fair
Unlocks at Parent's Home is at lvl4.
Mini-games similar those from the Pokémon Stadium games, except you can enter all of your pokemon. Mini-games improve affection and at the end, send out charge blocks. Each block contains 4 EV points. These blocks can be distributed in anyway you want. For example; you may give all your EVs to one pokemon to improve their base stat, or give a certain amount to one pokémon compared to another.

Exchange Market
Unlocks when berry garden is at lvl2.
Farmer: Exchanges berries or mulch for rare berry packs (Each Pack contains 10).
Treasure seeker: Buys rare items for Pokédollars. 
Appraiser: (Only accepts berries). Converts the Hard Stone item into evolution stones, fossils, maybe even Nuggets or Pearls!! (Random).

Restaurar Hotel
Uses StreetPass and houses trainers that you happen to pass. Collects their ghost and their Team they had at the time. You can only battle them once a day and they then travel your Novoh region to other hotels.
Construction Level 1: houses 5 StreetPass Trainers
Construction Level 2: houses 10 StreetPass Trainers
Construction Level 3: houses 20 StreetPass Trainers
Construction Level 4: house 20 StreetPass Trainers, but tracks 50.
Construction Level 5: houses 30 StreetPass Trainers, but tracks 100.
The trainers you beat are replaced by new streetpass Trainers. The game will update old StreetPass trainers where they begin at the Restaurar Hotel before they continue on to the Novoh region.
The Richissime Hotel mini-games are unlocked.

Friend Safari Pro
Unlocks when both the Pokémon Tower is at lvl3 and you have the Pokémon Novoh Fair unlocked.
Friend Safari Pro uses Trainers on your Friend List, similar to Friend Safari in Pokémon X and Y. However it is much larger and functions as a dungeon puzzle. There are 9 total areas, 3 of each area influenced by the friends you selected. You can only select 3 of your friends. In each area, the Pokémon you see is from your Friend's Safari: the common, the uncommon, and the rare.

Each area is heavily influenced by weather conditions.
  • Sunshine = heats up dries a room (SunnyDay)
  • Rain = causes water to run or build up (RainDance)
  • Dust = causes sand to build up or sift (SandStorm)
  • Hail = makes a room slippery and cold (Hail)
  • Fog = obscures sunlight and fungus to grow (Fog Horn)
  • Wind = Turns fans or gusts you across rooms (Gusty Gale)
Pokemon types that determine the initial weather effect:
  • Sun: Fire | Grass | Bug
  • Rain: Water | Electric | Poison
  • Dust: Ground | Rock | Steel
  • Hail: Ice | Fighting | Dark
  • Fog: Ghost | Psychic | Dragon
  • Wind: Flying | Normal | Fairy
You must change the weather in order to reach harder areas, where the hard to reach locations house the rarer pokemon. Each location is only populated by that pokemon species. Meaning, if you find a room with Combee, that room only has combee in the grass. If you find another room that has Dratini, that rooms contains Dratini and no Combee.
Changing the weather will not change the pokemon that appears in that room.

So, I think it's very possible to put this in a handheld game. What i did here is take elements from previous Pokemon games and combined them. But, if it couldn't fit, I would make this into an ultimate Pokemon game where you travel to other Regions, old and new. This game would take place 9 years after Pokémon X and Y. Meaning that it would be 14 years after Pokémon Red and Blue... making Red 24 years old.
  • Listening to: Pokemon Music
  • Playing: Pokemon


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